Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SleepingKitty's Take: Best Character Death Scene


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Character: literally everyone from The Book Thief. If I'm going by whose death made me cry the most, Rudy.

Okay I seriously don't even want to talk about The Book Thief. If I even tried to remember how I felt reading it (which I don't want to remember to be honest; it was too sad), I wouldn't be able to write a comprehensible sentence about it, let alone a long answer. My answer would be composed of a series of over-the-top sad faces that wouldn't even begin to encompass how emotionally jarring the book was. Especially the ending. Like I understand why they had to die, but why did they have to die???

Oh no I'm in the process of remembering.

-fade to black-

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  1. That book was so depressing and I have it sitting on my SHELF collecting dust because its so hard for me to pIck up again...TRAGEDIES ARE SO HARD TO READ BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY WILL END BADLY...